What you need to know

*Weekly and 2+ weekly pricing applies after second consecutive treatment.

**Note that herbs and supplements are an additional purchase if needed.

***Paediatric acupuncture is charged at $39, or a non-gap payment for patients with eligible cover with private health funds.


Treatments at The Glebe Acupuncturist are structured to be as cost-effective as possible, with discounted treatments if you need to come in weekly or more frequently. Prepaid packages are also offered at 15% off a 12-treatment package. Being well and staying well means taking less time off work or school, greater productivity, and not missing out on social, sporting or leisure activities...so don't delay - book now.

Health Funds

I am a registered healthcare provider with all major health funds. Instant rebates are provided via HICAPS Go. If your health fund does not yet participate in HICAPS Go (check here), you will need to process the rebate with your fund directly. Rebate amounts vary depending on the level of cover that you have, so it's advisable to contact your health fund to find how much your rebate is.

Treatment duration

Your appointment can vary from 30-60 minutes because the primary focus will be on treatment effect rather than time allocation. However, please allocate 60 minutes for your initial consultation, as a review of your overall health will be conducted in addition to an in-depth discussion of your objectives.

Frequency & timelines

Severe symptoms may need 2-3 treatments a week, moderate symptoms will need weekly treatments, with monthly (or less frequent) appointments scheduled as 'maintenance' treatments or a checkup once your symptoms have abated. Treatment frequency is reduced as your symptoms improve, and a timeline can be estimated according to your response to the first few treatments (unless it has resolved within this time).